The Band




Jody Thompson / Vocals - Growing up in southern Indiana, with parents who listened to music casually,  Jody had a limited exposure to music in her early years.  The Carpenters, Helen Reddy, John Denver and Ronnie Milsap are among the artists she heard and Jody favored country music early on.  Then, once she got her hands on her very own boom box, she began exploring all different sorts of music and started her cassette collection; which ranged from Barry Manilow, Rush, Yes and Heart to Judas Priest and everything in between.  Singing in front of people began in church and school choirs.   Jody's family moved from Indiana to Littleton, MA where Jody began singing with a local church choir.  Jody auditioned for and became the lead singer for Final Approach.  Jody was asked to join Drive South in 2012, she replied "Only if my drummer Johnny comes with me!".   Jody has been performing with Drive South since 2012.  When asked about performing with Drive South, Jody said "These guys make me feel fearless.  I know that no matter what I sing, they will make it sound amazing and I know they always have my back.   I'm so happy and proud to be a member of Drive South!"


Ray Perone / Keys-Guitar - Ray began playing guitar at age 12, started playing out at age 16 with the band Sea Of Tranquility (stop laughing, the Eagle has landed), then played with the 70's band Blue Maxx. In the 80's Ray started to play the keyboards, and in the 90's started playing with the band The Tributes. After a 10 year hiatus, he started up the band Vintage in 2009. Ray grew up playing all the 60's and 70's music, with special influences by the Beatles, the Guess Who and the Grass Roots. Ray has been with Drive South for the last 5 years.


Johnny Murzycki / Drums johnny started drumming in 1969 and did his first professional performance at the age of 15 playing for a variety show. He has performed with a variety of bands in the New England area.

Recent projects include Final Approach (with Jody), The Johnny Dollar Experiment, Jazzed Up and Bare Hill Band. Johnny also freelanced with many Central Mass bands as a fill in drummer and has been active as a studio musician. 

He's been performing with Drive South the past 4 years

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